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After the great success of the 2018 edition the Kokatat International Freestyle Open will keep its format.

The PRELIMS will be held in a JAM SESSION format with all categories competing at the same time but qualifying separately. The heats with your approximate start times will be published beforehand. BE READY at the due time or you will lose precious JAM session time. The length of each heat of the JAM session will be determined by the number of entries we have in the competition and the number of paddlers on each specific heat.

The rides will be restricted to 30 seconds to keep the eddyline moving and spread the time fairly. The feature is non-attainable, this means that if you flush your turn is over and the next paddler may jump into the feature. Remember that tricks will only score ONCE throughout the jam session, bring with you as much variety of tricks as possible! The addition of all of your tricks will give your finals score.

The TOP 8 K1M, 4K1W, 2C1 will advance to the KNOCK OUT phase. This will be disputed to the best of three 45sec rides. Whoever gets 2 wins first advances to the next round. ONLY ONE WIL BE LEFT STANDING! Remember to be ready for your face to face picture before your one on one starts!


Freestyle contest with an adapted format for the youngest paddlers. Things will kick off with the roll contest (10 sec. to perform the max. number of rolls) and the sternsquirt contest. Once we’re finished with the flatwater, each paddler will be able to choose which spot they prefer to perform their two 45 sec rides. Scores obtained on the flatwater and the feature will then be added together to give a final classification. Paddlers under-14 will compete in this category.


The BoaterX prelims will be disputed in heats of 5 paddlers until there are no participants left to compete. The start is going to be random with no specific heat for each participant; put in, warm up, race.

The 15 best times for men in PRELIMS will advance to the SEMIFINALS.
The 5 best times for women in PRELIMS will advance directly to the FINAL.
The 5 best times for men in SEMIFINALS will advance to the FINAL.
For the classification of paddlers under-cadet we will use the times of the prelims.


The freestyle clinics will be ran by the guest paddlers of the festival. Any paddler who wish to learn or improve his freestyle skills is welcome to join some of the most talented paddlers in Europe for a coached session!
There will be 3 groups split by skill level. Depending on the number of paddlers interested we might need to run the clinic in two heats.


In the heart of the Guilleries Mountains hides the most precious whitewater pearl of all the region of Girona! On it’s short stretch between the Susqueda and Pasteral dams, the Ter river flows down between low gorges and bedrock sections in a true drop&pool section up to WWIV! What we’re talking about here is a magnificient section of whitewater that has craved deep into the local mythology. Any local you’d find here would have heard of the mighty Garburator II, Turbine, Viper or Terraces. It’s said that any paddler who wants to become a true River Beast (kind of a local whitewater guru) has to face his final test on the KAB section! By the time you get on your boat you will have surely realised that the scenery is astonishing. Don’t forget to look up in between the rapids and whiteness the majestic gorge that the Ter has dug in his way towards the Mediterranean Sea!
What makes this section even more special is that it only has water once a year. Only during the weekend of the SKF the dam releases water and the Ter river gets his ancient fierce back.
The classic section starts right under the first bridge you find after the dam “El Pasteral” at 11:30! We will offer all the paddlers a fine breakfast before we all get in our boats!


Add 2km of fun to the clàssic section carrying your boats up to the GARBURATOR II ràpid! The portage takes 10-15 minutes but you will be rewarded with a powerful and pushy class IV section! A few more ràpids follow until you reach the clàssic put in. The fun has just begun!
For all the paddlers who want to put in on Garburator II, we will leave from the clàssic put in on foot at 10:30!


For all those paddlers who haven’t had enough, this year we present the novelty of the KAB HAPPY HOUR. During one hour the flow will go up from 18 to 25 cumecs to make things more interesting and fun! Best way to earn your bootie beer and heading back home with high adrenaline levels!