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Salt has good communications by ground, air and railway! For all the attendants driving here, you need to take the exit number 7 (Girona Sud, Salt, Anglès)

It is fairly easy to get to the accommodation “El Bosc de la Massana”. You need to take left on the first 2 roundabouts you encounter after the highway exit. You will then drive past the “Espai Gironés” shopping centre, keep straight in the next roundabout you’ll find and cross de bridge over the highway, from there, follow the road for another 500m. You will find “El Bosc de la Massana” on the left-hand side. If you arrive at night, you will easily recognise as there are a few Christmas-like lights turned on.
Coordinates GPS: 41º57’29’’N 2º46’32’’E
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How to get to la Pilastra with a TRAILER or VAN: From el Bosc de la Massana you will need to drive back towards the highway, drive past de bridge over the highway and past the Espai Gironès, on the 2nd roundabout you encounter you will need to turn 360. Right before the Espai Gironès turn right, drive past the swimming pool and continue straight on the roundabout at “Passaig d’Olot”, keep straight until the end of the street. You will then turn left and arrive to a 90 degrees right turn where the road is not asphalted anymore. On the next turn, you will drive under the highway and arrive to an equestrian. Take right and drive over the channel, turn left on THE SECOND road you encounter (the one covered by the trees). Continue straight for another 2km and you’ll be in la Pilastra Whitewater Park.
Coordinates GPS: 41º58’14’’N 2º45’16’’E
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How to get to la Pilastra by CAR: From el Bosca de la Massana drive toward the Espai Gironès. Turn left 100 meters before the bridge over the motorway. Go straight until you reach a roundabout and go left direction Bescanó (Serrasolses Bros Hometown). Drive for about 2km and when the road starts turning left you will see a little road going down to the river. It’s easy to recognise from the main road as it turns 180 degrees and there’s a wall with a graffity. If you arrive to Bescanó it means you missed it!
Coordinates GPS: 41º58’14’’N 2º45’16’’E
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How to get to the KAB from el Bosc de la Massana/Exit 7 AP-7: You need to take direction Bescanó, just like if you were going to La Pilastra Whitewater Park. Drive past Bescanó, Anglés and la Cellera Villages. You will then find a very little village called “EL PASTERAL”, right after it you will need to TURN RIGHT before the bridge over the Ter river. There will be a traffic signal “PANTÀ DE SUSQUEDA 10km”. You will then find a bridge, you will need to turn left and follow the road to the take out and the put in. You will notice that there aret he names of the rapids written on the road, this indicate the access to the main rapids if you wish to scout. Most of the rapids are very close to the road.
Coordinates GPS: 41º52’03’’N 2º32’29’’E
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