EFT - European Freestyle Tour


Have you ever heard of EFT? No? Of course, because it is indeed a new Tour, that it's born from the union of 3 big events that all happen in September, 3 weekends in a row that are taking place in the south of Europe. From the organization comitee of SKF we tought of putting our strenghts together with the other two festivals to hopefully create something even bigger. From this union there would be an overall ranking and winner. EFT - EUROPEAN FREESTYLE TOUR  NATURAL GAMES (NG): 10 - 13 September Millau, France BaoterX + Freestyle kayak + SUP SALT KAYAK FESTIVAL (SKF): 18 - 20 September Salt, Catalonia Freestyle clinics + BoaterX + Freestyle kayak + KAB Riverrun  WHITE WATER CIRCUS:  26 - 27 September Pau, France BoaterX + Freestyle + SUP Save the dates to go for an EuroTrip full of competitions and celebrations in the South of Europe!