Official technical t-shirt, Sport HG, of SKF19'


Once more we collaborate with the brand Sport HG to offer you this fantastic personalized technical thermal of the festival. This year the colors are navy-red-black and you can get it registering for all the weekend or Saturday activities. But don't hesitate, you can also buy it if you're taking part in the Sunday activities or coming as an espectator. Following you'll find the technical info about the t-shirt which real prize is astimated to be around 30€. PRO LINE The ProLine HG range of products has been developed using Climatherm, a thermo-regulating clothing that is ideal for any sport. It offers comfort and adapts to the body during exercise. HG DRY: expels perspiration and causes its evaporation, keeping the body dry at all times. HG ODOR: antibacterial, anti-allergic, prevents bad body odour. HG 3D: maximum adaptability and comfort. HG THERMOREG: thermo-regulator. Maintains the body temperature stable. HG PERFORMANCE: reduces the concentration of lactic acid, thus improving blood circulation and cell oxygenation.