Win a unique REXY!


Letting you guys know that we still don't have the real image of the Rexy that we'll raffle as it'll get here straight out of the oven.

Here is the deal: there will be several challanges across the weekend, you will get EXOcoins when completing each challange, in the end of the weekend we will give the boat away and those with more EXOcoins will have more chances to win the draw! We will explain more in the next few days!

This boat is courtesy of our new partner EXO Kayaks - you guys rock!!!

Technical description: From the Trex “L” and Trex “S” design development, the new Rexy is a performing and extremely fun riverplay kayak. Rexy: fast, agile and with a definte rocker, it will fulfill the paddlers who live the river with amusement and passion. Rexy transform the river in your playground.