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“La Pilastra” Whitewater Park is a whitewater course of up to 300m in length situated on an ancient artificial channel of the Ter River.
Thanks to the quality of its whitewater la Pilastra Whitewater Park is well known internationally as a world-class spot for freestyle kayaking. Here, several International competitions have been held such as the ICF World Cup in 2014. La pilastra hole also holds the highest ICF score ever with 1830 points!
A variety of spots and the slalom gates complement the main feature making La Pilastra a perfect place to build up your skills!

 Pilastra 02
 Pilastra 01


In the heart of the Guilleries Mountains hides the most precious whitewater pearl of all the region of Girona! On it’s short stretch between the Susqueda and Pasteral dams, the Ter river flows down between low gorges and bedrock sections in a true drop&pool section up to WWIV! What we’re talking about here is a magnificient section of whitewater that has craved deep into the local mythology. Any local you’d find here would have heard of the mighty Garburator II, Turbine, Viper or Terraces. It’s said that any paddler who wants to become a true River Beast (kind of a local whitewater guru) has to face his final test on the KAB section! By the time you get on your boat you will have surely realised that the scenery is astonishing. Don’t forget to look up in between the rapids and whiteness the majestic gorge that the Ter has dug in his way towards the Mediterranean Sea!
What makes this section even more special is that it only has water once a year. Only during the weekend of the SKF the dam releases water and the Ter river gets his ancient fierce back.

 KAB 02
 KAB 03
 KAB 01